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I’m not a spokesman, or publicist, or anything else…but I implore you to take this to heart.


I get that there is a belief that if it’s on the internet it’s fair game. I agree with you to an extent. But imagine being a 20something out of college (most of you ARE) and all of a sudden you have ‘fame’ on the internet because of a little play you and your friends did. Suddenly everyone wants to be your friend and everyone wants to know way more about you than you are ready to share.  You think it’s awesome. You think the support is great. You try your best to talk to everyone that wants to talk to you.

Then imagine that these same supporters who want to be your friend start invading your personal space.  Pictures you’ve never seen of yourself start showing up on the internet.  Pictures of you and your friends from parties from several years ago that you forgot were on your facebook start getting spread like wildfire through your fans.

Then imagine it goes even further. Someone starts digging to find contact information for you. You get random text messages. You get phone calls from teenagers who you’ve never met before. Pictures of your parents, your parent’s names, jobs, their cars, your summer job… information that is not general information begins getting spread around.

How would YOU feel if people you DO NOT KNOW started calling/texting you? 

I know that I have no right to tell you people how to act or not to act, but I know Team Starkid. I respect Team Starkid, you will NEVER hear me utter anything negative about any of those people.  I am having second hand anxiety at the thought of people invading their lives like this. And guess what? It’s happening. The pictures- they’re pictures, it’s whatever. But their parents? Their homes? Their phone numbers? Guys, that’s NOT okay. Any way you slice it. It’s just not. It’s WRONG and it’s creepy. Mrs. Criss, Mrs. Richter- they’re lovely women… but you have NO reason to look them up on the internet. 

PLEASE put yourself in their position before you do these things that you are doing. It’s scary, it makes the fandom a place they don’t want to be a part of and it makes ALL of us look bad.


(Source: basisforcomparison)